My name is Ken Baumann. I live in Santa Fe with my wife, our two cats, and a 125 lb. St. Bernard. For ten years, I acted in film and television, but I'm now studying at St. John's College. I wrote the novels Solip and Say, Cut, Map, and then the nonfiction book EarthBound. I've also written this stuff. I edit, design, and publish books through Sator Press, and I'm the cover designer for Boss Fight Books. Awhile ago, I co-edited and published No Colony with Blake Butler. I'm an investor in Memrise, and my wife and I are members of Giving What We Can. I confuse myself on Twitter and Tumblr, play and talk about Dungeons & Dragons on Google+, and don't mind receiving concise emails. Finally, here's a haphazard list of the books I think about the most. Thank you for your attention, and please consider ignoring all of this.