My name is Ken Baumann. I live in Santa Fe with my wife, our two cats, and a 125 lb. St. Bernard. For ten years, I acted in film and television, and once played a tunafish in a school play. I'm currently studying at St. John's College and will graduate in 2017. My first novel (Solip), my second novel (Say, Cut, Map), and my nonfiction book (EarthBound) are out now. I've also written other stuff. I edit, design, and publish other people's books through Sator Press, and I'm the series designer for Boss Fight Books. I co-edited and published the literary journal No Colony with Blake Butler, and edited and published No Posit. I'm a co-founder of Sweetspot, an app for iPhones, as well as an investor in Memrise. My wife and I are members of Giving What We Can. I confuse myself and others daily on Twitter, post longer stuff on Tumblr, and dig reading and responding to concise emails. I keep a haphazard list of the books that I think about the most. Lastly: here is a pleasing stack of quotes. Thank you for your attention, and please consider ignoring all of this.