My name is Ken Baumann. I live in Santa Fe with my wife, our two cats, and a 125 lb. St. Bernard. I teach English Language Arts to high school students. I acted in film and television for twelve years, then studied at St. John's College. I wrote the novels Solip and Say, Cut, Map, then the nonfiction book EarthBound. I'm looking for a publisher for my third novel, titled A Task (you can read its first two parts here). I've also written these things. I edit, design, and publish books through Sator Press and its imprint Satyr Press, and designed the covers for Boss Fight Books. My wife and I are members of Giving What We Can. I confuse myself on Twitter, think through things on Medium and Tumblr, occasionally talk games on Google+, rarely post proof that I still have a face on Instagram, and enjoy receiving concise emails. Here's a list of books I think about a lot. Finally, I organize the Santa Fe chapter of the Democratic Socialists of America. Thank you for your attention. Want to give me more of it?