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There’s this man that lives in the train station—his name is Catfish. Every day he goes to a different store to steal food. He takes it back to the train station and he has this skull that is always there with him. Catfish takes the food out of his pocket, the biggest piece of food he can find. Catfish gets mad because kids come by breaking glass and it’s hard for him to sweep it up because he doesn’t have a broom. Catfish is always finding feathers. He thinks that they are good luck to him, because when he goes to the store to steal, he takes one with him and he doesn’t get caught. Catfish is always taking baths in mud puddles at night. When he gets ready to go to bed, he’s scared of the moon, because his mom never told him what it was.

Shatera Davenport wrote this when she was in the eighth grade at Pelham Magnet Middle School in Detroit, Michigan.