by Daniel Bailey

underwater satan is always
the opposite of underwater god
you choose between the two
we are rebels against
underwater god and we
try to name it something else
we call it underwater satan
i feel certain ways
like flipper is the gayest dolphin name ever
or i want to stab scuba divers with my horn
i feel underwater satan
but flipper is the gayest dolphin name ever
i have said that before and felt religious
about trying to make sense
religion only makes us very self-conscious like
i want to go home and eat noodles
and i want to drink 500 beers for the glory of human god
the bible makes me want to flip out
and crash my car into shoals of fish
i want to watch the fish
scatter away from my car and then return
and look at me deeply and with great meaning
i want to deliver the sermon on the mount to the fish
but i want to paraphrase it
and make it easier to hear underwater
and understand the noise
and i want the fish to break into my car
through the windshield by smashing it with their faces
and then i want them to eat me
and make me their underwater god
i will be in the fish that they sell at the grocery store
a human meat fish meat
unknowing humans will eat me
and become more holy
and have a greater understanding
of the ocean i have to go now
i have to go goodbye everyone
i will say that as i rise to the surface